Mr. Yang Kewei (楊可為), aged 49, is our regional director and is responsible for overseeing our wholesale distribution and our sales and operations in Central China. Prior to joining our Group in July 2001, Mr. Yang served as the Central area manager at Beijing Hong Kong Garland Trading Company Ltd (北京京港嘉寧商業有限責任公司), a branded toys distributor from April 2000 to July 2001, where he was primarily responsible for the business and operations in the region. From February 1999 to February 2000, Mr. Yang served as the area sales manager at Xuzhou Henkel Detergents and Cleaning Products Co., Ltd., an chemical product company, where he was primarily responsible for the sale of detergent products in the region. From May 1997 to February 1999, Mr. Yang served as the acting toy priority city manager at East Asiatic Company Marketing Services China, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Santo Fe Group A/S which is listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen and is primarily engaged in the distribution of international consumer products, where he was primarily responsible for the toys business in the region. Mr. Yang received his Bachelor of Economics in Commercial Economics from the Business College of the Shanghai University in China in July 1989. Mr. Yang obtained the qualification of an assistant economist granted by the Shanghai Occupational Reform Leading Group (上海市職稱改革領導小組) in June 1998.

Mr. Yang served as a supervisor of Shanghai Zhishang Garment Company Limited* (上 海至尚服裝有限公司), its business licence was revoked on 19 October 2000 pursuant to Article 5 of the Measures for the Annual Inspection of Enterprises* (企業年度檢驗辦法) regarding annual inspections. It was previously engaged in the sales of clothing metals, accessories, arts and crafts, educational materials, electronics, telecommunication and mechanical products, renovation materials, chemical products and fashion design.