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Ms. Zhong Mei (仲梅), aged 46, was appointed as our Director on 26 April 2017 and re-designated as an executive Director on 24 May 2017. She is also the Managing Director China and is primarily responsible for overseeing the operations of our Group in the PRC. Ms. Zhong is a director of Kidsland Trading Company Shanghai Co., Ltd. (上海孩思樂商貿有限公司), Silverkids Inc., Silverkids Corporation (Tianjin) Ltd. (銀樂寶(天津)商貿有限公司), Kidsland Trading Company Shanghai Co., Ltd. (上海孩思樂商貿有限公司), Chengdu Haisile Commerical Co. Ltd. (成都孩思樂商貿有限公司) ("Chengdu Haisile"), Kidsland Trading Company (深圳孩思樂商貿有限公司) ("Shenzhen Haisile") and Kidsland Company (Guangzhou) Ltd. (廣州孩思樂商貿有限公司) ("Guangzhou Haisile") and is the general manager of Beijing Haisile, Chengdu Haisile, Shenzhen Haisile, Guangzhou Haisile and Beijing Kaiqile Commercial Co., Ltd. (北京凱奇樂商業有限公司).

Prior to joining our Group in July 2001, Ms. Zhong served as the sales and marketing director of Beijing Hong Kong Garland Trading Company Ltd (北京京港嘉寧商業有限責任公司), a branded toys distributor from March 1999 to June 2001 where she was primarily responsible for overseas business management, including sales, marketing operations, organisational development and sales and marketing team development. From November 1993 to February 1999, Ms. Zhong served as the national business manager of the toys division of East Asiatic Company (China) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Santo Fe Group A/S which is listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S and is primarily engaged in the distribution of international consumer products, where she was primarily responsible for overseas business management of its toys division, including sales, marketing operations and organisational development. Ms. Zhong received her Bachelor of Arts in English from the Civil Aviation University of China in July 1992. Ms. Zhong received her Executive Master of Business Administration from the China Europe International Business School in China in September 2005.